1700c small Vacuum tube Furnace for laboratory scientific experiments

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  • Lab Furnaces - Thermo Fisher Scientific

    Heat to high temperatures faster with Thermo Scientific Lindberg/Blue M 1700 C furnaces. They are designed for efficient, high-temperature use with minimal maintenance. Thermolyne? Largest Tabletop Muffle Furnaces (Thermo Scientific?). Triple the usable working area with two supplied accessory refractory shelves

  • Synthesis Laboratory - MagLab

    Apr 23, 2015 These facilities include: Furnaces. 3 Lindberg 1500 C Box Furnaces; 1 Lindberg 1700 C top loading Box Furnace; 1 MTI 1700 C Tube furnace with inert gas flow circuit; 1 Lindberg 1500 C Tube Furnace with inert gas flow circuit; 1 300 C Clean Lindberg Drying Furnace (Popovic Laboratory); 1 Lindberg

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