Electromechanical Integration VQB Small Vacuum Brazing Furnace

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  • Vacuum Aluminum Brazing Furnaces - PVT

    Whilst offering a wide range of standard vacuum aluminum brazing furnace designs for a variety of applications, PVT also has the flexibility to design for bespoke or individual customer Integration with a Vacuum Deoiling furnace to provide an “in line” process system for high productivity with minimum product handling.

  • Vacuum Furnace Brazing & Heat Treating - Mason, Ohio

    Vacuum Furnace Brazing. Hi-Tek uses multiple state of the art 2 Bar Vacuum furnaces for daily Vacuum Heat Treating and Brazing. This vertical integration allows Hi-Tek to retain complete control of the process and schedules and afford better cycle times and higher quality levels on hardware produced for our customers.

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