vacuum furnace for Gem Applications and welding

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  • Vacuum Furnaces for Metallurgical Applications - ENGINEERING

    Feb 25, 2017 Processes of melting, brazing, welding and casting by first creating vacuum and then backfilling with an inert gas in a chamber has helped produce better materials which have been proved to be stronger, with thinner cross sections, with a long life due to prevention of oxidation and other contaminations.

  • HTS VACUUM FURNACES - HTS1 is compact vacuum furnace

    HT-S1 can perform all hardening, solubilization, tempering, quenching and tempering, braze welding, sintering, ageing, stress relieving, and annealing heat treatments; the control system is simple and user-friendly and does not require any particular technical skills. This furnace is perfectly able to perform continual?

  • Vacuum Furnace for Heat Treating Industry Applications

    Vacuum furnace chambers are manufactured by certified AVS welders in our facility and, depending on requirements, can be fabricated from mild steel, 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel. The standard leak rate on an AVS vacuum chamber is 5μ/hour, but through the use of electro-polishing or with specialty coatings,?

  • Cambridge Vacuum Engineering | Aerospace | Applications

    Electron Beam Welding and Vacuum Furnace Technology.

  • Cambridge Vacuum Engineering | Home

    Electron Beam Welding and Vacuum Furnace Technology.

  • Vacuum Furnace for UHV Brazing | MEGA Industries, LLC

    Our vacuum furnace is capable of ambient to 2400 °F and can braze from atmosphere to high vacuum (10 -6 torr).

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