950degC High Performance Pit Type Steel Tool Gas Nitriding Furnace

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  • Vacuum Gas-Nitriding Furnace Produces Precision Nitrided Parts

    urrently, nitriding is carried out predominantly in pit type vertical furnaces with metal alloy retorts to hold the work load during the nitriding cycle. The large thermal mass of these furnaces requires long heat-up and cool-down times. Another factor is that the ammonia nitriding gas cracks not only on the work load but on the.

  • Furnace Atmospheres No. 3

    34. 3. Steel Alloy Content Effect. 35. C. Pore Formation. 35. VII. The NITROFLEX? Solution. 36. A. Gas Supply. 36. 1. Nitriding. 39. 2. Nitrocarburising. 39 Gas, high convection. Pit retort furnace. Gas, slow convection. Furnace line with integrated high pressure gas cooling. Gas, high pressure and high convection.

  • Gas Nitriding Furnaces - SECO/WARWICK

    Experienced SECO/WARWICK process specialists can assist in furnace type selection and in product material handling/loading. The SECO/WARWICK R&D facilities help customers in determining the correct cycle for their products. Optional tools such as a simulation and database programs for many common alloys and

  • Gas Nitriding & Gas Nitrocarburizing process, technology, systems

    Nitrex Metal has created a worldwide network of independent licensees (commercial heat treaters) using its Nitreg? gas nitriding technology, and has sold gas nitriding furnaces, control systems with process control software, to even more in-house users. In addition, many heat treating furnaces and control systems have

  • ZeroFlow? Gas Nitriding Furnace - SECO/VACUUM

    Single-chamber vacuum furnace with ZeroFlow? for regulated gas nitriding of machine parts, vehicles, aircraft and tools. SECO's vacuum nitriding furnaces achieve optimum results by using uniform high convection heating, precision nitriding potential and ammonia control, along with advanced load mechanics to

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