P044 pit aluminum extrusion carbonization furnace annealing furnace

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  • Annealing Furnace for Annealing Aluminum Furnaces - HTF, Inc.

    Annealing furnaces HTF designs and builds. Annealing Furnace applications for annealing aluminum or steel.

  • Tempering Plants for Steel and NE-Metals | Home - Nabertherm

    This tempering system is available for the tempering of aluminum parts with a quenching time of 30 seconds. All functional processes are fully automated. Both, the solution annealing and the artificial aging furnaces are designed as pit furnaces. To save time, the conveyor unit picks-up the lid of the solution annealing

  • Annealing Furnaces for Annealing Aluminum and Industrial Steel

    CEC manufactures annealing furnaces and annealing ovens for annealing aluminum and industrial steel. Several designs are offered to meet your needs.

  • Roller hearth furnaces for annealing of copper and copper based

    OTTO JUNKER is the leading supplier of continuous roller hearth annealing furnace lines for the heat treatment of copper and copper based alloys under protective atmosphere. Many of the world's major and well-known manufacturers are customers of OTTO JUNKER. OTTO JUNKER roller hearth furnaces operate on the

  • Heat Treatment furnaces for the Aluminum industry

    EBNER's knowledge and experience in the aluminum industry allows for tailored solutions.

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