Quartz tube dehydroxylation vacuum furnace

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  • Quartz tube furnace - Wikipedia

    A quartz tube furnace is an electric heating device extensively used in material research. For example, ceramic research, wafer sintering and annealing and powder baking and the quartz tube lengths will differ. For experiments in laboratories the size of tube is from 1" to 13", typically controlled by S-type thermocouples.

  • Quartz Tubes for High Temperature Furnaces - SentroTech

    Find the best alumina quartz tubing and quartz ware for your high temperature furnaces. Sentro Tech has both custom and standard quartz materials.

  • Tube Furnace with Quartz Tube & Vacuum Flange (Optional 1-2

    GSL-1100X is a CE certified small quartz tube furnace (1~2" diameter) designed for heating small samples up to 1100oC. Stainless steel vacuum flanges with valves, vacuum pressure gauge, and quartz tube are included for immediate use. The built-in precision temperature controller can program up to 30 segments of?

  • A Curious Case of Part Contamination in a Vacuum Furnace - Vacaero

    Dec 14, 2013 A manufacturer of quartz products for the lighting industry was curious as to the origin of black “flakes” (particles) found on the outside and inside surfaces of their quartz tubes after heat treatment. These flakes appeared to be “fluffy bits of carbon”. The thought process to investigate this phenomenon?

  • 1100 oC.Dual Zone Tube Furnace with 11" Quartz tube and Vacuum

    GSL-1100X-11-S2 is a CE certified two zone 11" O.D fused quartz tube furnace with vacuum flange. It is widely used for materials or chemical lab to sinter all types of new materials samples and anneal semiconductor wafers (max. 8") under vacuum or other gases condition. The temperature of the tubing furnace is?

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