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  • Controlled Atmosphere Plasma Spray (ChamPro) ? Oerlikon Metco

    Process description Controlled atmosphere plasma spraying (ChamPro) refers to coatings applied in a chamber, usually at near vacuum. It applies

  • Controlled Atmosphere Plasma Spray Systems ? Oerlikon Metco

    Our portfolio of controlled atmosphere plasma spray systems is comprised of: Vacuum Plasma Spray (VPS) Low Vacuum (LVPS) / Low Pressure (LPPS)

  • Vacuum and Controlled Atmosphere Melting - Inductotherm Group

    Vacuum and Controlled Atmosphere Melting. The creation and casting of superalloys, as well as many other advanced and reactive metals, requires sophisticated vacuum and controlled atmosphere melting and remelting systems. Inductotherm Group companies design and manufacture Consarc brand systems for a variety

  • Controlled atmosphere furnace, Controlled atmosphere oven - All

    Maximum temperature: 0 °C - 850 °C composed of vacuum annealing tempering furnaces developed by ECM Technologies. It is equipped with a reeved organized convection to guarantee a perfectly controlled atmosphere and excellent More information. sintering furnace / bell / controlled atmosphere / vacuum ECM

  • Atmosphere Controlled Tube Furnaces - Protherm Furnaces

    Tube furnaces provided with the accessories and apparatus could create different atmospheric conditions and enable vacuum environment. With the option to obtain the material in a blend of gases advanced tests can be completed with the atmosphere controlled tube furnaces.

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